Music is Life

We are currently taking donations to give back to the local musician and singers in Oklahoma. The closing of concert venues, bars, and restaurants have affected the livelihood of bar staff, wait staff, musicians and venue owners. With no music available we decided to bring a little hope and joy by having a series virtual concert on Facebook Live.  Please join us in supporting our local Oklahoma artists during these hard times by donating in our virtual tip jar. Thank you and God bless.

SUPPORT  "No Not Me!

The story and the concert tour plans are going viral after two unlikely souls connect “across the pond” via social media, bound by a common goal: to turn negatives into positives and unleash one’s inner passion for the world to be inspired by God-given talent. Called a great artist by the BBC and compared to the next Van Gogh, UK Painter James SB Richardson only recently came out of “hiding” to let the world see his art as he partners with Tulsa, Oklahoma Singer-Songwriter, 20-year old Anastasia Richardson.